vintage cafe

In the period when the Baku intelligentsia was not a rare treasure of the city, our families instilled all the best in their children: culture, education, handicraft and love for their city. Our family was one of those. Sometimes you want to return the carefree childhood, the smell of grandmother's chests, the taste of homemade cakes and much more. Traveling to different cities of Europe, I noticed a love for everything vintage, visited many cafes and boutiques in this style, I wanted to open something similar in Baku. Having shared my idea with my mother, we decided to create our own little world called “Vintage”, where I, as an artist-designer, embodied the interiors of antiquities, and my mother, LalaHuseynova, helped me in everything. Pictures of famous artists, souvenirs from around the world, handmade jewelry made of natural gemstones, rare sets and old dishes, as well as many handicrafts of various needlewomen were put up for sale. In addition to all this, we designed one of the rooms in the style of Baku living rooms and set several tables so that our guests could help themselves to delicious tea and coffee, as well as homemade cakes. The old music, which was carefully selected,created the atmosphere of comfort and hospitality.But the most interesting thing was that we decided to hold Thematic evenings in our café. Two years after the opening, we held our first evening, the main guest of which was the famous Azerbaijani writer ChingizAbdullayev. At our evenings, both creative people and art connoisseurs gathered to socialize, to have a pleasant evening and try delicious food. Belief in friendship and love rallied good and interesting people around us!

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