not a movie

On July 3, within the framework of the YARAT Film Klub project, the YARAT Center of Contemporary Art hosted the presentation of the film "Kino deyil" (Not a Movie), the author and producer of which was People's Artist of Azerbaijan Faik Agayev. The film is based on the story of the poetess and writer Narmina Mammadzade - "It was almost 8 in the morning." Narmina, along with designer Sabina Zulalova, who, in turn, became the director of the work, wrote a script, picking up the music of composers Sevindzh Agasieva and Javid Mammadov for the film. The main roles in the movie were played by Narmina Mammadzade, Sabina Zulalova and the talented Azerbaijani actor Zaur Shafiev. The actors here have no names or even nicknames. A short film about a love triangle makes it clear that in the relationship of two people - there cannot be a third one, and if someone appears, then this is the end. “It was almost 8 in the morning, when each of them was left alone ...”,this is how the story ends. The penetrating poems of Narmina Mammadzade and Sabina Zulalova, each behind the scenes reads a verse of each other, and Faik Agaev’s velvet voice guides the viewer's mind. “Not a movie” is not a movie or a film, but a 17-minute search for the meaning of a relationship between a man and a woman based on a literary story.