Upcycle Twenty

On February 24, 2024, the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum hosted the presentation of the "Upcycle Twenty by Sabina Zulalova" project, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the "Swan-maiden" fashion house. The project combines elements of the national art of Kurama and addresses themes of ecology and support for people with disabilities. Sabina Zulalova revitalized outfits from previous collections using scrap fabrics and Kurama elements. The project draws attention to environmental issues and encourages designers to use waste materials. A video was shown, and a representative from the Ministry of Ecology, Ms. Jannatova, gave a speech. Sabina Zulalova, founder of the NGO "Support for a Smart Environment," emphasized ecological concerns. An exhibition and sale featured about 400 items from 10 authors, who are trainees from the Vocational and Labor Rehabilitation Center for People with Disabilities, and they were awarded gifts from sponsors (tablets from IMPS and chocolates from Shanshal). The goal is to support their talents and integrate them into society. Participants of the center's courses completed two months of training in the art of Kurama and presented their works on the runway, receiving gifts from sponsors. Five students from the center (four of whom are war veterans) received certificates for a seven-month IT training course from the Skillwill neo-university. Advisor to the Chairman of the Social Services Agency Board, Meftuna Ismayilova, spoke about the agency's activities and emphasized the continuation of such projects. For the anniversary, outfits from various collections were presented, including a showcase featuring the designer's daughter, Saima Medetova. The evening concluded with singer Sivva performing the song "Good Morning, Shusha" in an outfit specially designed by Sabina Zulalova.