From September 27 to 30, Azerbaijan hosted the "Festival of Poetry, Art, Spirituality - Nasimi", dedicated to the work of one of the brilliant poets and thinkers of the East, Imameddin Nasimi. UNESCO named this year as the year of Nasimi, and a literary video was created in the framework of the festival, which newly intertwines the work of two young and talented cultural figures Sabina Zulalova and Narmina Mammadzadeh (this creative tandem can be seen earlier in the short film "Not a Movie"). Shooting of the film “Iki Cahan” took place in Icheri Sheher and this is not an accident. In the distant past, the great poet Nasimi visited the old city, this is what formed the basis of the script written by the writer Narmina Mammadzadeh. The process of filming and editing was led by Sabina Zulalova, who is the director of this film. The film presents the inhabitants of the Old City, their stories, handicrafts, and Nasimi's poems, which were perfectly performed by Arif Geselkhan. A short film called “Iki Cahan” was presented in Baku on September 29 at the Center for Contemporary Art.