Art- Fest Nizami "Seven Beauties"

Within the framework of the "Year of Nizami Ganjavi" Arts Council Azerbaijan launched the Art Fest Nizami festival. The first project was a joint creation of photographers and media personalities, presented in the form of seven beauties. During the master class, an exposition of amazing beauty and plot was created for photographers. This is how the Seven Beauties exhibition was born. The images of seven beauties in the project were embodied by the writers Natella Osmanli and Narmina Mammadzade, publicist Gulnara Imanova, restaurateur Lidia Aliyeva, head of the Art School Sona Guliyeva, designer Sabina Zulalova and ballerina Dariga Naimanova. The project was curated by Sona Guliyeva, costume designer - Sabina Zulalova, makeup artist - Angelina Babaeva. On the basis of the project, video clips dedicated to the theme "Seven beauties" were created. A separate video has been created for each beauty heroine. The background of the video is beautiful poems by Nizami.