5 pages about Love

On February 15, BeeArif by my Dom restaurant hosted a literary evening organized by SmArt Community, the authors and creators of which are designer, project creator and independent entrepreneur Sabina Zulalova and writer, art manager, and founder of Colibri Arts Ulviya Akhundova. The evening not only gave the audience the opportunity to lively communicate with the most famous writer of Azerbaijan, Chingiz Abdullayev, whose works are published in record editions around the world and translated into more than 30 languages. A very important component of the evening was the performance of the finalists of the competition for young writers, which took place the day before. His task was to identify new names and introduce young authors to more experienced colleagues and representatives of publishing houses. In their short stories, all contestants touched on the theme of Love in its broadest sense in one way or another. 5 finalists of the competition had the opportunity to present their stories to the jury, which, in addition to the People's Writer of Azerbaijan Chingiz Abdullayev, included the director of the Baku Book Center Gunel Rzayeva, the founder of the Ali and Nino chain of stores Nigar Kocharli, and the poetess, author of the Söz (Word) project Nigar Hasanzade. The project organizers also plan to publish a literary almanac with the support of the Çaşıoğlu publishing house in the near future, which will include new, more voluminous works by the winners of the competition.