vintage cafe

Vintage Cafe Shop first opened its doors in March 2014 and since then, it has been visited by the most interesting personalities of our city. The special atmosphere that prevails in this place does not leave anyone indifferent who has ever crossed the threshold of a small cafe-shop. Here you can purchase unusual goods: vintage furniture, antique china and figurines, handmade jewelry, forged metal products and much more. A variety of teas and coffee and our excellent homemade pastries will allow you to plunge into the world of warm Baku houses. Also Vintage café &shop is famous for its thematic evenings, which are conducted by theradiant Café owner LalaHuseynova. This fabulous place was created for her by her daughter - designer Sabina Zulalova, who is the art director of the cafe-shop. The unusual interior is also suitable for various shootings - TV shows, films, advertising private videos and etc.

yar is a new project that began its production with handmade national souvenirs and special prints for T-shirts. We are pleased to present you our new area in development of illustrations, using national cartoon characters in modern style. They are wearing brand clothes and traveling not only in Azerbaijan regions, but also all over the world. The work of our illustrator is individual in each performance. Hand made souvenirs are made with love to Azerbaijan using “buta” and pomegranate and other national prints on them.