Interest in applied art manifested itself even in childhood, Sabina's drawings differed from the drawings of her peers. In adolescence, they acquired a clearer direction - black graphic patterns against a background of bright panoramas. An exhibition of these works was first held at the school, after which the first article was written in a local newspaper. Private lessons with a talented artist and a good teacher Nazim Yunusov (secretary of the union of designers, member of the union of artists) gave her confidence and Sabina created the first serious series of paintings on papyrus, which was specially brought from Cairo for this collection. In the following works, the writing technique was tested on glass and a mirror, then on canvas using oil. You can also note several works in the style of sketches for tattoo, sketches of dresses, interior elements. Passion for decoupage combined decoration on wooden surfaces and hand-painting. Painting is one of the forms of self-expression. In the gallery you can find most of Sabina Zulalova’s works.