poetry and prose

Poetry and prose. Like any creativity, it is a way of expression. Through poems, written in different years of life, you can trace the change of mood and see the subtlety and sensuality of nature, which is not always noticeable in normal communication. Graduation from the Faculty of Philology of Baku State University, love and eagerness to literature is observing in the following years, although the type of activity is strikingly different. Those feelings that fill the soul and heart manifest through poems and songs in the works of Sabina Zulalova, which you can also read on the website stihi.ru. There is a special relationship with music: having a good voice by nature, but not having a musical education, one can only sing well. A dream to learn to play the piano can be realize someday. We give links to some recordings of copyright songs, as well as favorite and repeatedly sing one.